2014. október 24., péntek

Fall makeup redefined

A magyar verzióhoz görgess le! :)

Hi everyone!

As I promised last week, here is the new series called makeup of the week! :) I'm really excited for this series, it was wonderful to work with the lovely Dóri! I've already mentioned that she is very talented, but I need to say i again, she makes beautiful makeups!

2014. október 21., kedd

In memoriam Oscar de la Renta

A magyar verzióért görgess le! :)

Hi everyone!

For todays post I planned something else, but I recently heard, that Oscar de la Renta, ho is one of the bigget names in the fashion world, died yesterday. So I decided to write a bit about his life, and show you some of his works, which are my favorites. 

2014. október 17., péntek

New series: Makeup of the week

A magyar verzióhoz görgess le! :)

Hi everyone! :)

As I've already mentioned on tuesday, I'm going to start a new series with my best friend, which is called makeup of the week. I'd like to show you a few of her works, I hope you'll like them! She is very talented, so I can't wait to work together :) I'll post one makeup/week, mostly on friday or saturday! :)

So you next week! :)

Some more pictures:

2014. október 14., kedd

Fall is here, so I am! ;)

A magyar verzióért görgess lejjebb! :)

Welcome back!! :)

I know I didn't post for a while, and I'm really sorry about that!! The last few months were crazy, but now I'm back to write the blog!

Next week I'll start a new series! My best friend is a make up artist, so we decided to start a make up of the week series! :) I hope you'll like it, I'll show you a sneak peek on her works on friday! :)